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About Math Monkey

Math Monkey started in Florida, USA in 2006. Math Monkey™ is a revolutionary new supplemental Math Program that help kids excel in Math by teaching them in a fun, challenging and engaging environment.

Inspired by the wisdom of the East and weaved with the creativity of the West, Math Monkey™ has connected the best of two worlds to create a program that meets the needs of even the most driven children. Over 38 years of research and experience in teaching Vedic math, Professor Kenneth William has helped us to create a curriculum that boosts logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills, so Math Monkey™ kids can reach their full potential.

Engaging is Fun!

The secret to academic success is in creating an environment that breeds engaged and cultivated learners. A well cultivated thinker is one who raises relevant questions, gathers and assesses information efficiently, uses abstract ideas to interpret, thinks broadly, communicates effectively and constantly engages in self discovery. Math Monkey™ promotes these positive behaviors through the high interactivity in our classrooms.

Fun is Engaging!

With a curriculum that understands kids, math is fun at Math Monkey™. By engaging young learners through our games based program, we are able to introduce challenging materials to our students and help them build mental agility, memory, creativity, independence and concentration skills. Two personality traits that are important to cultivate are tenacity and perseverance. Math Monkey™ makes this easy through our carefully researched games based programs.

Kids Brain Development

Children’s brains are more flexible in the early years.  Their  brain continuously go through changes throughout life, shaping and reshaping, as they continue to adapt to new experiences and learning.

Childhood is the best time to manage the kid’s brain development and it serves as great drive to learn the method of acting methodical and meticulous in facing complexities of life. Therefore childhood is the best time to input the root of mental sharpness, power, and confidence in a child which can be done by math skill development process.

Math Monkey games based programs are an effective tool to develop all these rare qualities for kids brain to be more compatible and tough to face the challenging and exciting world !

Brain development for kids is essential modulation of grooming method and it is fantastic process of imposing a new personality in the child. Brain training nowadays is considered as an essential process of brain development. Brain training can be done by different methods; playing different games and puzzles are the best ways to impose brain training method for the kids via learn and fun method.

Math Monkey in Asia

Since the opening of the first center in Malaysia in 2008, the Math Monkey curriculum has been very well accepted in Asia and this overwhelming acceptance has driven the phenomenal growth of  Math Monkey Knowledge Centers around Asia. There are Math Monkey™ Knowledge Centers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Jakarta, Singapore, Brunei and Bangkok. 

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