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Strong brain abilities are the foundations for success in life. When children are strong in their brain abilities, they are confident, happy and motivated to learn. This is because they understand the information they interact with, so they are more curious and find it enjoyable to learn new things. With constant accomplishments and praises, their self-esteem is also nurtured to attempt, instead of escape from challenges. Hence, this spirals them to higher achievements, and in the process stimulates and develops their brain further.

How Braid Works

More on the 5 Brain Abilities:

5 Brain Abilities Explanation

How do your child’s learning abilities be related to the 5 brain abilities?




Sit through classes and exams till breaks or completion.

Absorb information and learn through listening.

Remain attentive even with distractions.

Can multitask spontaneously.






See visuals exactly to copy or use the information correctly.

Understand concepts, texts through visualization of information.

Uncover the co-relationships of charts and diagrams.

Flexibility in maneuvering visuals in your mind.

Observe patterns for abstract thinking.






Able to remember and retrieve information learnt in class.

Can hold information while using it.


Use auditory and visual memory to enhance learning.




logic reasoning

Logic reasoning

Apply reasoning and deduction to derive solutions.

Think and solve spatial problems requiring high levels of conceptual abilities.


Confident and independent problem-solver.




processing speed

Processing speed

The speed that the brain does math calculations and processes information.

Complete homework quickly and accurately.

Free up time for enjoyable activities.

Golden Period of kids brain

The optimum time to develop your child’s brain is before age 7, as a newborn’s brain weighs about 360g and grows to about 1270g by age 7. Hence, while the brain is growing, it is a great time to stimulate the brain to create new neuron connections.

Kids Brain

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