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Green Monkey Troop (4 - 6 years old)


green monkey


This is exclusively designed for preschoolers. Children in this troop will be introduced to the art of math and give them a head start in numbers, basic counting such as addition and subtraction using touch spots and the concepts of number bonds. Children will understand the number sequence up to 100, which includes comparing relative numbers. Here, children will learn to enjoy MATH with FUN.

Lemur Troop (6 - 7 years old)




Children will begin to understand more on place value and the relationship of its use in addition and subtraction. This will build their mathematical literacy using mental exercises designed to improve concentration and begin developing the necessary logical thinking skills for advanced Mathematics. By strengthening the concept of addition and subtraction, children can apply these techniques in their daily life including money and time.

Chimpanzee Troop (7 - 8 years old)




In this troop, Chimpanzee children will be able to do 3-digit addition or subtraction mentally by using Vedic Math. They will also be more comfortable to do larger numbers’ addition and subtraction with ease. Here, children will be introduced to different Vedic Techniques in performing multiplication that helps them to master the multiplication tables. At the end of this troop, children will have the basic skills to solve basic time and money math problems.


Gibbon Troop (8 - 9 years old)





This group of children will be introduced to many aspects of multiplication with repeated addition, doubling, skip counting and Nikhilam multiplication. Our Vedic Techniques make the tedious task of memorizing multiplication tables unnecessary. They will be learning in depth on how to tackle more complex time and money word problems. Specially designed games and mental exercises have been integrated into the programme to provide children with the skills needed for advanced Mathematics.


Orangutan Troop (9 - 10 years old)




Children at this level will continue to build their mental agility through different Vedic Techniques. They will be taught how to perform math calculations with speed and precision. They will also be equipped with various special checking tools to check their answers that can help them to minimize errors in school work. In this troop, children will be given solid foundation lessons in multiplication and division. Concept of fractions will also be introduced to prepare them for more complex math problems later.

Baboon Troop (10 - 11 years old)




Baboon children will start to deal with more advanced math with higher order thinking. More Vedic Techniques on multiplication and fraction will be introduced and children will learn to tackle multiplication and division problems mentally with ease. They also cover word problems and are led to build a strong foundation in the topic of fractions and divisions. Children will continue to learn the Vedic Techniques for extending their basic skills including mental techniques for speed and accuracy.

Gorilla Troop (11 - 13 years old)




These experienced children in this troop will continue to encounter the hands-on / minds-on activity based learning found only at Math Monkey. More advanced multiplication and division methods enable children to sharpen their math skills needed to succeed in intermediate and advanced mathematics.

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