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Meet the Expert

Professor Kenneth Williams is a world-renowned scholar in mathematics and a "guru" in the field of Vedic math. As an educator, speaker and author, he has graced the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, but now his immense knowledge of mathematics is becoming available in locations across the world. 

Kenneth Williams

As an experienced educator in the U.K., Kenneth Williams has conducted over 100 workshops and presentations on Vedic math in London, Oxford and Cambridge. He has been researching Vedic math since 1971 and has written 12 books on the subject, covering a wide range of topics. Kenneth has made the study of Vedic math and the curriculum he has developed his life’s work. His ultimate goal is to promote widespread math comprehension in children through Vedic math. 

The Math Monkey curriculum is the materialization of Kenneth Williams’ studies. The Math Monkey Knowledge Centers themselves are the embodiment of the shared goal of Kenneth Williams and the Math Monkey Leadership Team, advanced math instruction and understanding available to all.

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