Our Leardership Bunch

Our Leadership Bunch

Ms Kirsten Fisch is an educationist, she is also a mother of three children. She used to work as a teacher; and she has been looking for the best way for children to learn. She by chance found the magic of Vedic math while she was travelling in India. She then started to do research on it, and had decided to bring it to children all over the world. In 2006, she started the first Math Monkey Knowledge center in Florida. Up till now, there are already over 60 branches in the United States.

As our Chief Academic Advisor, Ken brings a world of experience to Math Monkey. As an educator in the U.K. and the conductor of over 100 workshops and presentations on Vedic math in London, Oxford and Cambridge, Ken boasts a multitude of experience in the field of mathematics education. 

Ken has been studying Vedic math since 1971 and has dedicated his academic career to researching and further developing Vedic math. As the author of several books on the topic of Vedic math, Ken is widely regarded as a guru on this subject. In 2000, he created the correspondence course that is the basis for the Math Monkey curriculum. 

Ken's credentials include:

  • University of London-University College London honors graduate
  • Guest lecturer at over 100 engagements and presentations on the topic of Vedic math, including symposiums at London, Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  • Over 35 years of experience as a teacher serving several sixth form and post-secondary institutes within the U.K.


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