Testimonial from Parents

"I have never imagined that my child would learn math in such a fun way. They learn while they are playing, and they actually learn faster than other children." - Mrs Lee, Hong Kong

"I see a significant change of my daughter. She looks forward to every single lesson and she becomes very into Mathematics since she loves Math Monkey classes." - Mrs Howard, USA

"Many parents of my kid’s schoolmates asked me what after-school classes my kid goes to. They all see a significant improvement of my kid’s grade in Math." - Mrs Cheung, Hong Kong 

"My daughter has just turned 8. After a few classes in Math Monkey, I find that her math ability is better than her 13-year-old brother. She is even looking forward to going to secondary school." - Rebecca, Hong Kong

"I never force my kids to do something they do not want to do. Math Monkey is a place that I have been looking for. My kids find Math Monkey very interesting, and they become very happy to learn." - Johnathan Mila, USA

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