Star of the month

Star of February - Audrey Chan

Audrey Chan, 4 years old girl joined Math Monkey, Ho Man Tin Centre 6 months ago.
We appreciate for her effort to build strong foundation of 1-30.

Audrey can give us confident answer for sequencing and relation between numbers.

Audrey’s hand-eye co-ordination and logical thinking had significant improvement while participating in the game session, and picking up the correct number from the number table. Game part in Math Monkey always motivates Audrey to keep on increasing her concentration time-span and doing her work continuously.

Audrey’ improved attitude towards finishing work quickly makes her star of this month.

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Star of January

Name: Hewitt Yu

Hewitt has been learning Math Monkey over a year from Lemur troop to Chimpanzee troop. Hewitt pays high attention at class and his homework are properly well done and always in tidy. He enjoys so much in the game that he is actively involved himself. 


Hewitt just won the bronze prize of Level 2 at Vedic Math Competition 2011. We look forward to promoting him to Level 3 Orangutan and learn more Vedic Math skills that could bring him to higher standard level in Math.

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