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The Art of Science of "Play"

Math Monkey provides a fun environment for children to get the happy stress. Children come to "play to learn" and they "learn to play". They will have the inner motivation to learn and invest by achievement (winning of the game).


Advantages of Math Monkey Games

Math Monkey Games

There are many advantages of game based lesson.  First, children can improve 5 developing areas while playing games which are social communication, language, emotional quotient, cognitive development and physical development.  



Besides, games can also enhance 5 major brain abilities which are attention, visual, memory, logic reasoning and processing speed.  By engaging children through the use of our game-based program, we are able to introduce challenging materials to our students while improving all those abilities. 

 Math Monkey Game 5 Stars Engl



Our game-based lessons motivate the children to be attentive so that they can absorb information (game rules) clearly as part of their motivation to win the game.



Our game-based lesson enables students to uncover the co-relationships of the game rules and winning strategy in order to win the game.



Our game-based lesson enables students to remember and retrieve information played in class. Besides, most of Math Monkey's games need students to hold information while playing of the game.

 Logic reasoning

Logic reasoning

Our game-based lesson enables students to think and apply their logical thinking in order to win the game. Students also build their confidence after winning the game.

 processing speed

Processing Speed

Our game-based lesson has competitive elements which the children will need to solve problems fast and quick follow up actions in order to win the games.

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