Characteristic of Math Monkey

Characteristic of Math Monkey


Vedic Math does not only increase children’s speed in Math. We had one student who used traditional method to calculate 998 x 997, the student spent 85 seconds to finish it. After learning Vedic Math from Math Monkey, he only spent 5 seconds to finish. The student then became very confident in Math. He then even requested to challenge harder problems at school; and he also became very interested in Mathematics. 

Vedic Math benefits our children way more than we expected. Children cannot live without playing. 

With a curriculum that understands kids, math is fun at Math Monkey. "Learning in games" has been more valued in education sector and has also been affirmed by teachers and educationists. Many schools have included games into traditional education system in order to provide students an interactive learning environment. By engaging learners through the use of our game-based program, we are able to introduce challenging materials to our children and help them build mental agility and concentration skills. 

However, traditional lessons and games may not be combined systematically. Math Monkey solves this problem. Math Monkey designs lesson plans that are able to cooperate with games. Children learn Math through toys, games, competitions, etc. They eventually become not afraid of Math, and even interested in Math. 

Math Monkey understand children's needs, which is learning in a fun place. We also understand parents’ concern, which is the importance of grades at school. Taking into account the real needs of the child and parents' real concern, Math Monkey Hong Kong tailor-made courses specially designed for Hong Kong Students.


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