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What is Vedic Math

How To Unleash Your Natural Ability For Mental Math By Discovering The “Secret Mathematician” Hidden Deep Within You!

Prof. Kenneth Williams (Math Monkey Consultant) 

The term “Vedic” refers to the ancient Indian system of mathematics that is rooted in sixteen principles or “Sutras”.  The Vedic system allows children to use these principles to simplify a math problem to a level that they can master and build their ‘Number Sense’ – an ability to perceive numbers and how numbers work.  For your child, it means having an advantage in mathematics and logic that will help them to excel in the classroom and beyond.

Vedic Math is a mathematics that makes you smiles because


Vedic Math is simple and speed – you get the answer usually in one line.


Vedic Math is flexible and gives you a choice of methods so that you don’t have to apply the one ‘correct’ method in school.  This leads to increased creativity and adds to the fun of doing math.

Math Monkey Education Centers use Vedic math as a fresh way of learning invaluable math concepts that translate to the quantitative skills necessary to succeed in today's global economy.  Getting a firm grasp of these concepts early in life is the key to making the most of your child's potential.

Comparing to traditional methods, Vedic Math is not only a "short-cut", but a systematic method that helps children in problem solving and critical thinking. 

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